Inverse Teaching

What am I trying to achieve when I go into a class?

  • You showing me v.s. My showing you
  • I am not demonstrating a skill, rather I am evaluating them.
  • Criteria for inverse teaching

Performance Criteria:

  • Document in a photo the student holding their artwork.
  • Document the quality of the work.
  • Document the expression and demeanor on the persons face.

Terms of Art in Dementia Document where the person is  in Stewart, 2004 criteria:

  • Individuals living with mild dementia are capable of using depth, proportion, correct colors and detail in their work.
  • Moderate dementia limits ability with color choice and creating representational figures or forms.
  • Scribbling and random use of color is expected with people in the later stages of dementia and motiviation to participate may be non-existent.